Our added value

Enhance your productivity

Packaging time: up to 4 times faster than manual packaging; it takes approximately 3 minutes only for a ladder in an automatic machine
Loading capacity: 1,000 units packed per reel
Reloading time: the machine is ready in just 15 seconds 

Cut your costs

In the event of a heavy load: use one of our machines and limit/do away with temporary workers or packaging performed by management staff
Reorganise the business: reposition teams within the sales area, thereby improving customer service
No stock: we store for you
No more losses: open boxes full of flour, last bags creased and unusable, etc.
Automatic label application (optional with Bizerba or Digi): a single gesture to save time

Respect your work and your products

Delivery trolley: easier shelf placement, products directly arranged and aligned
Neat presentation: fresh appearance of bread, products showcased
Length of the bags: adjustment to the actual length of your bread and compliance with hygiene standards

Top quality service

Machine & Consumables: a SINGLE company to facilitate contact
Sales team: available and with hands-on experience, laboratory visits
Customer support & Training: Customer support team for maintenance and training during installation

Working conditions and regulations

French energy transition law: full compliance via the choice of consumables
Safety: full compliance with applicable standards (APAVE certifications)
Handling: relatively light reels, can be handled by all your teams
Food contact: FULLY compatible packaging
Working conditions: limit big swings and repetitive gestures, upgrade packaging jobs
Musculoskeletal disorders & work stoppages: no wrist rotation (MSD) when feeding bread into the machine
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