Why choose us

Unique expertise

Your bread deserves to be showcased. The specific design of our packaging enhances the visibility of your products, their quality, texture and characteristics. The micro-perforated side lets the bread breathe by preserving its freshness all day long.
The wide variety of colours is used to identify the different products in accordance with your brand’s style guide. Our machines print labels directly on the bags by thermal transfer. Printing is controlled from a touch screen synchronised with your computer system
dune rayon pain

Our aim? Customer satisfaction

Our comprehensive range of bread packaging machines allows us to provide suitable solutions in terms of productivity and use. Furthermore, the quality of our products manufactured in France delights many users worldwide, and the added value of our machines helps consolidate their position and raise their profile.
Dune’s team makes every effort to develop high-performance products, combining tradition with technological innovations with a view to satisfying you. We provide you with packers that respond to productivity requirements and promote simple and efficient use.
The entire range comes with a 5-year warranty and customer support is provided by our technicians, who cover the entire national territory. All our machines are calibrated and verified by our experts prior to shipment.

Multiple benefits

Are you wondering why choose a bread packaging machine? Here are a few points that will convince you.
- Time gain (high speed, automation)
- Increased return on investment
- Reduced MSD for operators
- Customised printing with no additional label
- Quality material and printing
- 5-year warranty and Customer service