DUNE packaging system advantages

Automatic and semi-automatic range

Packs all types of bread

Used to package all types of bread at will, regardless of their shape and size.

Productivity, effectiveness

The Dune pack range of packers can pack at a speed of 2,400 pieces/hour for automatic machines (from the grabbing of the bread to its placement in the trolley).
A blower system facilitates the rapid opening of the bags without tearing; the bread is easily fed, even in narrow packages.
This concept helps increase productivity and cut packaging costs, while ensuring ease of use and considerably reducing musculoskeletal disorders.
With its new folding technology, the Dunepack concept guarantees the reinforced closure of the bag.
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Added value

Optional automatic label application

Our machines directly label the bags. Printing is controlled from a touch screen synchronised with your ERP system. Compatibility with Bizerba and Digi systems.

Customised printing

There are many standard or brand print-outs at your disposal. They include the composition of your products, barcode, etc...

DUNE concept

With our packaging machines, we provide a range of consumables at prices below those of bags from the marketplace.
We offer a wide selection of colours and sizes to satisfy all your needs. You can also use packages as communication materials by providing personalised information.

DUNE’s commitment

Packaging all types of bread

- Supply technical, high-end packaging
- Provide a packer that responds to productivity requirements and promotes simple and efficient use
Your bread deserves to be showcased. The specific design of our packaging enhances the visibility of your products, their quality, texture and characteristics.
The micro-perforated side lets the bread breathe while preserving its freshness all day long.
The wide variety of colours is used to identify the different products in accordance with your brand’s style guide.